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Whats in the collections?

The patron collection covers 555 uniquely generated high quality rare golden VenusMe art pieces. Each has a unique combination of background and body.
The community collection can unlimitedly generated for free. Minting generates one of 15.000 different high quality VenusMe art pieces.

What benefits does this NFT have and how does it generate value?

  • You are donating to charity organizations.
  • You as the owner exclusively get a high resolution JPG (4.667px × 7.000px).
  • As soon as 250 patron NFTs are minted you will be able to exclusively shop selected print on demand products (e. g. high quality art prints, towels, and more).
  • You support Juanjo Lopez as the artist.
  • You hold an NFT in your wallet that exposes your respect for women's rights openly to the world. These values will stay forever and won't disapear like other short lived communities probably will.

Will VenusMe NFTs be revealed right away?

Yes, we don't have any hatching phases.

Is there a whitelist / guaranteed mint allowlist?

No. These NFTs can by minted and spread by everyone.

How much does one VenusMe NFT cost?

One patron VenusMe NFT is mintable for 5,5 ETH plus gas fees. 95% of all earnings go to charity caring about women's rights around the world.

Where does the crypto go?

95% to charity. 5% to us enabling us to start more projects. Our creative heads are unstoppable to push art and web3 technology a bit further with every project.

Will I get a donation receipt?

Donations are carried out in our name. So we will not be able to hand out receipts.

What are secondary royalties and how will they be used?

Secondary roalties are 10%. 95% of this goes to charity and the other 5% will support Juanjo Lopez as artist and enable us to create our next projects pushing art and web3 technology a step further every time.

How can I trust this collection?

You can check our proof-of-donations and you will see the cashing out function "withdraw" of our smart contract, that gives 95% to the verifiable wallet address of The Giving Block Campaign. So even if this was a scam (which is not) at least you gave 95% to charity. Unfortunately this only applies to Ethereum blockchain. On Polygon blockchain, this is not yet possible, but we are trying to figure out a solution. Furthermore Juanjo Lopez is a real artist that has always created art and will forever do so. You can stalk him via Google and get in touch with him via Twitter.

What does the name VenusMe mean?

As we transverse our identities more and more into digital worlds, there will be a MetaMe or WebMe of everyone of us. VenusMe is the representation of that specific part of us, that honors female beauty and respects women's rights.

Aren't there already collections for empowering women?

Yes, but this topic is important and still there is a lot to do so there can never be enough.

You are not female, what makes you credible to aim a collection to female beauty and womens rights?

Just like the greek creator of the original Aphrodite of Milo might have been a man too, we respect and worship female beauty. We believe anybody and especially men should promote this topic even more.

Is there a Discord?

Not yet, but as community probably will grow, we might create or coordinate a Discord. Meanwhile Twitter will be the platform to connect.